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slaughterhouses pigsProducts Turbo-las is a 25 years old experience company whose business is to sell high-quality goods for fridge slaughterhouses related to pork meat and meat cutting rooms. Our products are scrapers, whips, wheels chariot dragging chain, hydrocyclons, slaughterhouses pigs, Dehairing scrapers, Dehairing machines pigs.

Sale of accessories for machinery pig slaughterhouses and cutting plants.

Our purpose is to keep on maintaining the same quality-standard in all our products to make them the the most sellable and efficient. All these years, our best warranty remains in the companies which keep on applying them. These ones not only have got a low cost in maintenance and spare pieces but also they have got a much better productivity.


No toxicity: all the scraper bodies are made with different plastic materials; none of them is toxic.

Scraping pieces and washers: they are made in inox., engraved with the Turbolas logo to make easier its identification. These ones are jointed to the body with 6 solid rivets with very-high endurance to the torsion.

Resistance:  as they are made in one-only-body, they are high-resistant to the erosion, torsion and friction. They also resist the hydrolysis (working with water from 60 to 62 ºC).

Hygiene: the several materials applied in their manufacturing absorb no water at all. As they have got just one-compact-body in all (there are no slayers), there is no problem with the cracks. That avoids hair-adhesion, bacteria, smelling and makes it easy to clean them.

Duration: As it gathers all those features, the work is maximum in productivity as long as one follows the information (kg.) engraved on the front side of them.

Model choosing: On the front side, the several scrapers’ models have an engraving with the kilos they can hold. That is done with the aim to chose the most suitable one according to the pork weight, i.e.: model “N110” o “L110” can hold 80 kg. and 100 kg. porks.


These are made in a non-toxic one-compact-body, high resistant to erosion by friction and torsion. They do not absorb water neither cracks. What is more, the sleeve bushings in the axis are made for a high-resistance to erosion by friction and impacts. That is why they are a long lasting products.


These wheels can work in constant temperatures from +85ºC to -15ºC. They do not need grease nor on themselves neither on tracks. The material used is very high-resistant to impact and erosion. Finally, they can work both in slaughterhouse freezers as well as in the scorching ovens.


High quality materials are used to make them. In consequence, the resulting product is resistant to friction and to impacts.
The elements of the rubber involved are resistant to torsion, compression and impacts, Figueres, Girona, Catalonia, Spain

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latiguillos, slaughterhouses pigs
ruedas, slaughterhouses pigs
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FOOD INDUSTRY: refrigerators pig slaughterhouses and cutting plants, pig abattoirs
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